Finding peace
How do I stop feeling broken? I don't know how to stop stressing and it's leaving me a mess. I'm sorry if I'm a bother, I'm just slowly reaching my point of not being able to take it anymore.


The mind doesn’t want to be here and now. The mind will always try to go to an imagined better future or to the past to fix what we have done. The problem with this is there is nothing other than the here and now. There is only this. There is only now. This wanting of our mind to go where it is impossible to go leads to stress, worry and anxiety. So how do we get over this? How do we stay in the here and now when our mind, a very strong influence in our lives, wants to pull us somewhere that we cannot physically go? We use our breathing as an anchor to stay in this moment. We feel our in breath and our out breath and the space in between them, we feel our own aliveness in the breath, we feel the life of all the things around us and that we are connected to them deeply. We stay focused on our breathing no matter how much the mind tries to drag and pull us to the past or future. We just stay in this moment and breathe. When we do this we truly realize that the past is the past and that the future is just another now moment yet to take place. When we realize and see this in our own lives we see that fantasizing about a better future is secondary to this moment and that the past is not real and is truly history. Through this we find peace, we find deep happiness. Staying in this moment we feel love bursting out of us. We feel connected to all things, not just as a concept, but as something truly deep, truly special. This is where stress makes no sense, anxiety diminishes to nothing and worry turns to doing what we can do now to make a better future. We do what we can then we truly drop it, truly let go of all the things we cannot control.


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Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.
- Jo Blackwell-Preston (via aquoteadaykeepsthemonstersaway)


No shortage of waterfalls and wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge!



woman drying her saree on  Konark beach
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this picture is so incredible

Autumnal Leaves, Tirol, Austria by jogorman on Flickr.


I bought my first succulent from the market today and I love it so so so much!!!